Welcome to IRD Project

IRD – IndoorRescueDrone is a student project from TU Berlin with the intention to develop and build a semiautonomous rescue drone with the aim to rescue enclosed people. Our drone will be able to fly in areas which are normally not reachable for rescue teams because the entrance is to small or there is a safety hazard. A drone can find injured people and also ways to rescue those people! We work on developing a drone which is much more capable than anything on the market yet.

Fields of Research we are working on:

  • optimising the aerodynamic drone design
  • structural improvement
  • indoor navigation
  • psychological impact on injured people
  • inflight 3d scanner
  • optimising radio communication in buildings

If you are a student of TU Berlin and would like to contribute to our project please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in a cooperation we are open to any kind of cooperation and sponsoring!